The Wossidlo-House

The Wossidlo-Museum in Walkendorf - photo: © Maibritt Olsen
photo: © Maibritt Olsen

Richard Wossidlo in Walkendorf

The great folklorist Richard Wossidlo was born in 1859 in the local district Friedrichshof of the municipality  Walkendorf and baptized in the local church. He is considered the founder of Mecklenburg´s Folklore and accomplished something significant for European Ethnology.

Folk culture and Folk language

Richard Wossidlo gathered folk culture and folk language in all its facettes. His methods of collecting data were field research, distanced interviews and correspondence methods. Already then he as gatherer and scholar built a perfect network with around 1.400 contributors all over Mecklenburg, to  let the ensuing ages know als much as possible about the “ways of living of the people”.

His compilation was arranged in proper order  in about accessible 27.000 categories at the famous slip wall. Spread these texts written by himself amount in a dimension of about 2,5 football pitches!

Folklorists of Mecklenburg

The great folkorist of Mecklenburg has gathered a comprehensiv linguistic, literary and objective cultural heritage, that stands for the culture of our country and is part of our “roots”.  Full particulars on biography, complete works and place of birth of Richard Wossidlo the small Wossidlo-Museum in Walkendorf presents to its visitors.

And also the House of the guest in Waren/Müritz informs about the “collecting high-school professor“. The Museum Schwerin/Mueß exists because of the material collection Wossidlos. The Richard-Wossidlo-Archive is available for researche works by University of Rostock.