The white lady of Granzendorf

The white lady of Granzendorf - photo: © Oliver Hellweg
photo: © Oliver Hellweg

Near Walkendorf there was once the village Granzendorf. Its residents were not not at all peaceful. They stole, whatever they liked. Thus they one day they stole the church bell of Walkendorf, to put it on their church tower. One night a huge fire erupted in Granzendorf. The whole village was ablaze. The church bell should have rung for help, but oh!, the stolen bell remained silent. The whole village burned down, only the church tower with the stolen bell stood. All residents fled into the neighboring area, but first, to hush up the abomination, they drowned the stolen bell in the lake of Granzendorf. There it still lies.

Midsommer´s day

Every year at Midsommer´s day it rings, if someone rinses a white handkerchief in the lake. Still today the bell is guarded by the white lady. She watches out, that no evil person comes near the lake and mainly that he behaves well, to avoid a repetition of history. In the fifties or sixties there was a young man who knew everything the better and plowed near the lake against all warning. He pulled the furrow that inopportune at the slope, so that the tractor overturned and so burried the boy beneath it. It was clear for everyone: the white lady had pulled him into the lake! Up to today the white lady warns everybody at the Granzendorf Lake.

In the nineties a newcoming young manager wanted due to lack of time to plow at night at the lake. The Walkendorf´s warned him. But also this young  man didn´t believe in “ghost affairs” and began, despite all, with his nightshift. Already after a short time the headlights of his tractor went off. So there was nothing left for him, but looking for his way home over the wide bumpy field in the pitch black night.