Farm- and manor houses in the ParkLand-Region

Between endless beaches of the Baltic Sea in the north and the region around lake Müritz south, there lies the almost unknown ParkLand-Region with its mystic forests and dreamy lakes. Discover ancient alleys and places, farm and manor houses , where time seems to have stopped.  
While the landscape in other regions of Germany is characterized by new housing estates and uniform villages, you still find in the ParkLand-Region in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern dreamy villages with affectionately renovated farm and manor houses. They are witnesses of erstwhile splendor and greatness, but especially of the special agricultural structures in the history of the country.

In the course of the agrarian reform and social restructuring many of the stately estates lost their function. With that a sad chapter startet for those today in many cases listed houses, because they were exposed to decay.

New usage for old walls

Political change was for quite a few houses the last hope. With much love and effort, old or new owners renovated and restored these architectural jewels. Today the farm and manor houses of the Parkland-Region are filled with live again. Often they are managed as hotels, pensions and/or restaurants.

A special characteristic of the houses – individuality

No farm or manor house is like the other. The stylish atmosphere of a former manor estate offers today the ideal frame for a special holidays. The houses – surrounded by big parks and gardens – are  suited perfectly for festivities or conferences. And could there be something more romantic for a bridal pair, then to enter the bond of marriage in a castle?  Discover the versatility of the ParkLand-Region with its wonderful landscape and its kept cultural treasures within.