Church of John the Baptist in Neukalen

Church of John the Baptist in Neukalen - photo: © Christian Pagenkopf
photo: © Christian Pagenkopf

The church is Gothic brick building and was built from 1285 to 1290. The altar was built in 1610 in renaissance style. The Baumann´s organ was erected from 1739 to 1742 and is one of the oldest organs of Mecklenburg. It was restored in 2003.

The from 1285 to 1290 built Gothic church is dedicated to John the Baptist. The 56 m high tower was built in 1439, an inscription at the westside of the tower points to that.  Roofing work were applied to the church tower in 1951, 1967 and 1994, in that already 3 generations of the company Zingelmann of Neukalen were involved. By renovation works in 1964 the tower-room was newly designed, a monument for the victims of the wars (1870-71, 1914-18 und 1939-45) was raised. The baptismal font dates from the year 1310 and was re-installed in the tower room in 2001. In 1520 the pulpit was built, it was moved during large renovations in 1890 from the south side to the north side.

The altar was built in 1610 in renaissance style, it takes up the whole hight and width of the east side of the church and showes two bigger depictions of the Cruzifixion and the Resurrection of Christ. Both groups and the figures of apostles are adopted from a late Gothic altar.
The current baptismal font was made in 1954 by the stonemason H. Berendt of Neukalen and installed in the altar room. The baptismal bowl of brass was made before 1858 and depicts the propagation of the birth of John the Baptist. Approximately 500 years old is the late Gothic pieta with Maria and Jesus, it was re-installed in 1963.

The organ was built by David Baumann from 1739-1742. It has 889 pipes. Several rebuilts were carried out. From autumn 2002 to spring 2003 the organ was restored by the organ building company A. Schuke from Potsdam. The old bells of the years 1583 and 1599 were in 1918 expropriated for war aims, in 1928 they were replaced by 3 new cast steel bells by the company Schilling und Lattermann.

The church is a single-nave Gothic brick building. The nave is 40 m long and 13 m broad and is eastward completed by an octogon.  The flat ceiling stretches along choir and nave without interruption. At the south side and both connecting parts of the eastern end there is a four-leaved frieze. At the tower, that carries a steep helmet with four pointed gables, there are late-Gothic blinds. An inscription at the tower points at the year of completion in 1439.

Altar, pulpit and organ are carved works of the Renaissance period. The altar was built in 1610. It is almost as broad and high as the east side of the church. The figures of Adam and Eve are adopted from an older Gothic triptych, added is a predella with three paintings. These show the Garden of Gethsemane, Eucharist and the bearing of the cross. Further, there are figures of the Twelve apostles, with chapters of the Apostle´s Creed written beneath each in Low German.

Source: Wikipedia / Kirchgemeinde Neukalen